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1)EDGE OF SPIDERVERSE #2                                                                         $100.00

2)EDGE OF SPIDERVERSE #2 VARIANT COVER                                        $500.00

3)BATMAN #1 (NEW 52)                                                                                 $100.00

4)WALKING DEAD #1                                                                                     $1000.00

5)SAGA #1 (IMAGE)                                                                                         $125.00


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Show recaps & Store News

August 4, 2015

Sad news today that one of Ottawa's iconic comic shops The Silver Snail will be closing it's doors after 25 years. Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Kin Jee & his staff during this difficult time. Any Silver Snail customers that need help with their comic needs following the store closure, please do not hesitate to contact us! On a side note, we will be headed to Windsor next weekend for the first ever Windsor Comicon! Can't wait to see our southern Ontario customers soon enough! :-)



March 10-11, 2012

FANEXPO's group decided to forego the usual Fan Appreciation event and try a slimmer version of their big 4 day summer show with the new 2 day Toronto Comcion event. As expected, the attendance was great with Saturday being particularly busy, leading to FANEXPO type sales numbers for us! Once again DC's New 52 line was the big seller of the weekend, with sales on many books (Aquaman, Catwoman, Justice League, Justice League Dark,Swamp Thing,Animal Man,Action Comics) but all of the Batman titles saw the most movement. We also saw huge sales on Walking Dead with Season 2 nearing it's conclusion, and Amazing Spiderman. Scott Snyder was very popular, and it showed with sales on his issues of Batman Gates of Gotham,Detective Comics, Severed and American Vampire. Other notable sales included Uncanny X-Force, Deadpool, Goon, Boys, Bloodrayne, Wolverine, Alpha Flight, and Punisher Max. Thanks to all who came out to support this new event, we look forward to seeing all of our Toronto customers in August at FANEXPO! 

September 17-18, 2011

We were greatly anticipating this year's Montreal Comicon, with a larger room and a really great guest list we thought this show could set a new standard for conventions in Montreal. Turns out, we were right on the money! (Literally and figuratively) The room was packed, with the fire marshalls actually shutting down ticket sales midway through the afternoon on the Saturday due to the volume of people in attendance. We saw sales on the Saturday that were greater than any individual day at the FANEXPO convention in Toronto...AMAZING!! By the weekend's end, we saw an unbelievable 75% increase in sales from last year's show which is truly incredible. We cannot thank the organizers and fans enough for making this our BEST Montreal convention EVER!! We saw sales on titles such as Avengers, Amazing Spiderman, Batman, Batman & Robin, Northlanders, Chew, Ultimate Spiderman, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, New Avengers, Daken, Daredevil, Batgirl, Grimm Fairy Tales, Venom, Batman The Dark Knight, and we sold out of Lady Mechanika #1's with Joe Benitez in attendance signing. By far and away the talk of the show however was DC's New 52 line, with sales on all titles across the board. If this weekend's sales were any indicator, it looks like DC's new line is off to a smashing success! Thanks again Montreal, we look forward to seeing you all at the next one day show in December, and again at the big event in 2012!!


August 25-28, 2011

The summer wrapped up once again with our biggest convention of the year, Toronto's FANEXPO Convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This event expanded to 4 days this year, so we decided to set up with a larger booth and designed convention specific store t-shirts, and this paid off greatly. We had a HUGE 50% increase in sales over 2010, so we want to thank all of the fans in advance for such a great response to our new set up. Sales were brisk on Batman, Batman & Robin, Flashpoint,Green Lantern, Uncanny X-Men, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Spike, Superman, FF, Wolverine Origins, Venom and of course Deadpool. We also saw sales on Amazing Spiderman,Fear Itself,Young Avengers, Alpha Flight, X-23,Scalped, Justice League of America, Wolverine, Moon Knight, Scarlet, and many Mark Djurdevic variant covers since creators from all of those titles were in attendance signing at the show! We also saw a big increase in sales on our TPB's and pre-packaged sets thanks in part to our new layout. Overall we were AMAZED at the results of this year's show and look forward to seeing all of you again in 2012! THANK YOU Toronto, we will see you all again at the one day Toronto Comicon event in November!

May 15, 2011

Back again for our first Ottawa Comicon of 2011, and it was far and away our best convention in Ottawa EVER!! Great back issue sales on all of the Green Lantern titles including Corps & Emerald Warriors, Grimm Fairy Tales, Wolverine, Batman, Scalped, Flash, Power Girl, Soulfire, Incognito, and Amazing Spiderman. We also had tons of movement on our price reduced comic sets and trade paperbacks. Thanks Ottawa for an AWESOME show, see you again in October, and some BIG things coming from us and the convention goers in 2012!!


May 1, 2011

Montreal Comicon was another great success, even though this was a low key show in preparation for their big 2 day event in September. The great thing was that 50 % of the proceeds from this show went to relief in Japan so thank you to all of those who attended. Sales were steady, with back issue movement on all of the GG Studio books like Route Des Maisons Rouge, One, Mediterranea and Ethan. We also saw sales on Morning Glories, Amazing Spiderman, Walking Dead, Green Lantern, Amazing Spiderman, Y The Last Man and American Vampire. The big hit of the show however was Trade Paperbacks, with multiple volumes of Walking Dead, Scalped, Captain America, and Deadpool going out the door. Many thanks to our Montreal fans, we look forward to seeing you all again for the Annual 2 day Montreal Comicon on September 17th & 18th!


April 9& 10, 2011

We were back for another Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation event, and this one was much busier than the one in June last year. Sales were strong on multiple back issues of Batman & Robin, Jonah Hex, Justice Society of America, Wonder Woman, Young Avengers, Teen Titans, Red Robin, Hulk, Uncanny X-Men, Morning Glories, Hack Slash and Stephen King's the Stand. We decided to bring Marvel and DC lead figurines to the show for the first time and almost completely sold out!! All in all, an excellent show and we look forward to seeing all of our Toronto customers again at the now expanded 4 DAY FANEXPO Convention August 25th,26th,27th & 28th!


February 6, 2011

This was our first 2011 Toronto Comicon and the attendance was very strong, much busier than the December show. The hottest book at the convention was the entire Fantastic Four storyline "Three" with multiple copies of all chapters selling briskly. The "death" issue itself #587 was the hottest of all, showing a death can still lead to interest in a book and produce greater interest & sales. Sales included back issues of Buffy (with artist Georges Jeanty in attendance signing), Amazing Spiderman, Chew, Invincible Iron Man, Star Wars, Walking Dead, Batman & Robin, Astounding Wolf-man, Superman Batman, Astonishing X-Men, Tarot, Hack Slash, Grimm Fairy Tales, and Thor The Mighty Avenger. Thanks again to all of the fans who attended, and we look forward to seeing you all again at the FREE Fan Appreciation show in April!

November 21, 2010

This was our first post FANEXPO Toronto Comicon, and attendance was lighter than usual due to the Santa Claus Parade occurring the same day but was still steady. Sales included back issues of Batman & Robin, New X-Men, Tarot, X-Men, Hack Slash, Teen Titans, 1001 Arabian Nights, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Friday the 13th and also Red Robin & Supergirl since both of those books artists were in attendance signing at the show. Thanks again to all of the fans who attended, and we look forward to seeing you all again in February 2011!

September 12, 2010

Another AMAZING show put on by the boys at Montreal Comicon, with growth of over 5,000 fans from last year! Sales this weekend eclipsed all previous numbers, making this our best Montreal Show in the store's history! Top sellers included Deadpool, Flash Rebirth (with Ethan Van Sciver in attendance and signing), Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Batman, True Blood, Black Widow and others. Thanks again to all of the fans who made this show such a great success, and we look forward to seeing you all again in December!

August 29, 2010

Toronto FANEXPO 2010 is in the books and it was a CRAZY show this year! We want to thank all of our customers for making this our best Toronto show in the history of conventions for the shop. Sales were high on anything Deapdool, Star Wars, Amazing Spiderman, Batman, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern,True Blood,Uncanny X-Men,X-Force, Punisher Max, but by far and away the biggest seller of the weekend was Grimm Fairy Tales. With Zenescope Comics in attendance and providing us with some hot new product, the books flew off the wall and from the bins. Thanks again Toronto, see you again for the one day Toronto Comicon on November 21st!


May 16, 2010

Well another Ottawa Comicon is in the books, the first since November and it was surprisingly quiet with no show there in 6 months...Despite the low turnout we still saw decent back issues sales on Amazing Spiderman, Angel After the Fall, Deadpool, Wasteland and Dark Avengers. We also sold some pre-packaged sets of Sleeper, Sherlock Holmes & Wormwood Gentleman Corpse. The main movers however were our clearance TPB's and $1 comics as usual. Our next show in Ottawa is on November 21st , we hope to see you all there!

May 9, 2010

Back from a VERY busy Montreal Comicon, and given it was on Mother's Day that was impressive in itself! Very good back issue sales on Green Lantern & Corps, Hellboy, Power Girl, Amazing Spiderman and Deadpool as usual. Other notable sales on Superman Batman, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, Unknown Soldier, Wolverine Origins, Immortal Iron Fist and X-Men Forever with Chris Claremont in attendance and signing. Thanks to everyone who came out, see you again at the Montreal Comicon 2 day event in September!

February 7, 2010

Back to Toronto for the first comic convention of 2010, the Toronto Comicon! This show was VERY well attended considering it was the day of U.S. vs Canada Olympic Gold Medal Hockey game! Green Lantern and Blackest Night continue to be the dominant books in the back issue market. Other notable back issue movers were Batman & Robin (with Cam Stewart in attendance and signing), Grimm Fairy Tales, Fables & Jack of Fables, Green Arrow & Black Canary, DMZ, Planetary, Buck Rogers, Irredeemable, Secret Six, Red Robin, Boys, She Hulk, Wizard of Oz, Greek Street, Gotham City Sirens, New Mutants, Supernatural & the New Avengers Military Specials. Thanks to all the Toronto fans who stopped by the booth, see you all again at the Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation show on June 5th/6th!!

December 7, 2009

Well shortly after the Toronto Comicon we had the winter Montreal Comicon. Green Lantern was again the #1 seller , with Blackest Night, Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps all seeing decent back issue movement. We also saw sales on back issues of Deadpool, Terminator, Adventure Comics, Punisher, Star Trek, Star Wars and Friday the 13th with Kane Hodder (who played Jason in the films) doing a signing at the show! We also had very good sales on Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers, with notable volumes of Invincible, Walking Dead, Sandman & Fables flying out the door, and sales on Green Lantern Rebirth, Cable Deadpool, Runaways, Star Wars and Deadpool as well. Thanks again to all of our loyal Montreal customers, we will be seeing you again in May!

November 22, 2009

Well another Toronto Comicon is in the books and the show was busy as usual! Green Lantern was far and away the busiest mover at the show, fueled by DC's  blockbuster Blackest Night. We also saw movement on back issues of Green Lantern Corps, Dark Avengers, Deadpool, Grimm Fairy Tales, Amazing Spiderman, Gotham City Sirens and Utopia and Necrosha tie-ins. Thanks to all of our Toronto customers, we will be seeing you again in February!


September 13,2004

What's new? The BIGGEST news yet, as we officially opened our doors on our first retail storefront at 240 Montreal Road right here in Ottawa! This means regular updates will stop for now (since I'm just a little busier!), but try and stop by to check out our new digs, we can't wait to see you! 

August 30,2004

Another Canadian National Comic Book Expo is in the books, and what another great weekend! Friday was relatively quiet but Saturday was crazy, and Sunday was busier than usual, even with the 2 hour blackout due to power grid problems in Toronto that day! Sales were especially strong on all Batman & related titles like Superman/Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Gotham Central, Robin, Batgirl & Birds of Prey. Losers, Invincible, The Gift, Runaways, Global Frequency, Planetary, NYX, Exiles, Astonishing X-Men, Teen Titans, Outsiders, Wolverine, Marvel Knights Spiderman, Punisher (MAX series), Avengers 500 (Regular & Director's Cut), JLA, Bite Club,  Daredevil, HULK, Amazing Spiderman 509 (Regular & Director's Cut), and all Ultimate Titles also saw repeated buys throughout the weekend. Sales were also strong on many of the titles who's artist was signing at the convention, with Knights 4 for Steve Mcniven, 100 Bullets for Brian Azzarello, Street Fighter for the UDON crew, Identity Crisis for Rags Morales & Michael Turner all seeing multiple sales by buyers wanting to get stuff signed. Actually, all of Turner's work (Fathom, Superman/Batman, Ekos, Soulfire & Flash) were all hot sellers this weekend as well. Special thanks to Frank, Michael, & Peter at Aspen as well as Erik from UDON for their help with providing us with some nice show exclusives to bring back to our customers here in Ottawa! And a special thank you to all of you fans out there who have once again supported us at the show this year, we can't wait to see you again in 2005!


June 20,2004

Well we tried out our first Toronto Comicon this weekend, and despite it really trying to push the comic market on it's own, without a Science Fiction or Anime presence, it was a weakly attended event. Despite that, we still had noteable sales on Global Frequency, Sleeper, Street Fighter, Batman (Jim Lee Issues), Transformers, Authority, Batman - Long Halloween, NYX, Runaways, 100 Bullets, Ultimate X-Men, Robin , Wonder Woman and Thunderbolts . We also had smaller sales on Walking Dead, ANT, Teen Titans GO!, Superman Birthright, Fables, Hawkman, Catwoman & Conan. Special thanks to all our valued customers, we'll see you again August 27-29 at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo! EXTRA special thanks go to a guest who attended the show and took the time to chat, hang out, take pictures, & sign autographs for all his fans. He even managed to come by our booth for a special pic : THANKS RVD, you're the WHOLE DAM SHOW! 


June 13,2004

Well we tried out a new show in Montreal put on by 2 fellow dealers to try and beef up and support the comic book market in Montreal which doesn't have enough regular shows, and it started things off well. Quite a few people dropped by the show today, many who I haven't seen at many of the Montreal shows in the past. Sales were excellent on Sleeper, Amazing Spiderman, Superman/Batman, Secret War, Street Fighter, Batman (Jim Lee Issues), Flash & JLA. Anything Michael Turner flew from the bins, from Aspen & Fathom to G.I. Joe Turner variants & any Flash issues with Turner Covers. We also had smaller sales on Wanted, Tarot, Midnight Mass., Global Frequency, Walking Dead, X-Statix, Ant, Fallen Angel & Teen Titans. Special thanks to all who gave this 1st show a try, there will be another soon, and I'll post the date in the shows section when I have the info available, see you in the fall! (NOTE : We decided at the last minute to do the Toronto Comicon this coming weekend (June 18-20), so we hope to see any of our valued customers there!)

May 2,2004

Hi Everyone! Just some quick notes from the final 2004 Toronto Comicon that was the last one day show prior to the Canadian National Comic Book Expo held each August at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. This show had the weakest attendance of the 3 one day shows, but we slowly but surely had a decent day by the end. Sales of note included a Superman/Batman Retail Variant, as well as runs of Walking Dead, Emma Frost, Mystique, Thunderbolts, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, Ultimate Spiderman, JLA and anything featuring artist Skottie Young who was the show's featured guest! We also had smaller sales on Amazing Spiderman, Runaways, Y the Last Man, Tarot, Planetary, Authority, NYX, Supreme Power and Gotham Knights. Thanks to everyone who helped salvage the quieter than usual show, we can't wait to be back for the big one in August!

March 29,2004

Hey Guys! A quick rundown of the first Montreal Comicfest of 2004, while being a poorly attended show compared to the last few, still had strong sales for us! (Special thanks to those people who helped out there!). Sales of note included good runs of Ultimate Spiderman & X-Men, Flash, Witchblade, Birds of Prey and Aspen. We also had movement on back issues of Runaways, Punisher, Daredevil, Outsiders, Wonder Woman, Rising Stars, Planetary, Lucifer, Authority and Sojourn. Thanks to all of our customers, we will be back in May and June!

February 28,2004

Hi Everyone! Just some quick notes from the 2004 Toronto Comicon that was the second of a set of one day shows run by the same great people who run the Canadian National Comic Book Expo held each August at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. We weren't sure what to expect from this return event, since we were still reeling with how good the last show was, and we were expecting once word got out on how good the show was, there were would be quite a few new dealers. Guess what? We were right! But even though the money was going around to more dealers in the room, we still had an excellent day, with many customers from the previous show eager to see us back and fill those holes in their collections. Sales of note included HUGE lots of Tarot, Y the Last Man, Runaways, Teen Titans & Teen Titans Go!, Fables, Agent X, JSA, Powers, Route 666, and Amazing Spiderman. We also had multiple sales on Secret War #1, Supreme Power, Ultimate Spiderman, Losers, Exiles, Conan, Avengers and X-Treme X-Men. Once again, this humble merchant wants to extend a BIG thank you for all of our customer's support! Other big thanks go out to Erik Ko of UDON Studios who along with Alvin Lee who were nice enough to supply another batch of Street Fighter issues for our customers back in Ottawa & Montreal.  We can't wait to be back there in May, we hope to see you all again then! Our next set of big shows are March 28th in Montreal and May 16th in Ottawa, we hope to see you there!


November 17,2003

Well we attended Montreal's first ever 3 day Expo (put on by the same group that puts on the Annual Canadian National Comic Book Expo in Toronto every August), and I'm surprised to say it was a bit of a disappointment compared to the annual Toronto show. Considering Montreal had not seen something of this magnitude in forever for a comic book Expo, the number of people that came through the door was quite low, particularly on Saturday. Luckily, most of the people who were there were looking to spend some hard earned $ and we happened to be one of the only dealers there with any recent books. Big sales on Friday consisted of a full run of Fables & Losers, as well as runs of Ultimate X-Men's, Transformers Armada, and Transformers War Within. Other sales of note on Friday included Jim Lee Batman's, Teen Titans, Authority, Rising Stars, Witchblade, Green Lantern, Punisher and JSA. Saturday was STREET FIGHTER MANIA, where we saw sell outs on all 3 Street Fighter 0 covers, as well as multiple copies of 1 & 2's various covers.  Other sales included Deadpool, Ultimate Titles, JLA, Uncanny X-Men & X-Force. Sunday was better than expected, and we saw sales on full runs of Superman/Batman, 1602, Supreme Power, Ultimates, Planetary, and Y the last Man. We also saw sales on Outsiders, Birds of Prey, Fantastic Four, X-Treme X-Men,  and once again, Street Fighter, Deadpool, and Teen Titans. All in all we were very thankful for the fans that did show up, as it made what could have been a disaster a much better show. Thanks to all of the folks who came by to see us and let us fill all of those holes in your collections. Hopefully we'll see some of you this weekend in Ottawa at the BIG Civic Centre show on the 23rd!


October 21,2003

Hi Everyone! Just some quick notes from the Toronto Comicon that was the beginning of a set of one day shows run by the same great people who run the Canadian National Comic Book Expo held each August at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. We weren't sure what to expect from this one day event, and needless to say, we were blown away! This show marked our best one day event in our 13 year history! A special thanks to the many (and some repeat) customers who helped make this man's day! Sales of note included HUGE lots of Deadpool, Agent X (who's penciller Alvin Lee was on hand for a signing), all of the Ultimate Titles (Ultimate Spidey, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Six, Ultimate War & Ultimates), Jim Lee Batman issues, Punisher (current series), Y the Last Man, Runaways, Amazing Spiderman & Uncanny X-Men flying from the bins! We also had sales on Trinity, Captain Marvel, Teen Titans, Planetary, HERO, Batman DK2, PRO, BORN, and Daredevil. Once again, this humble merchant wants to extend a BIG thank you for all of our customer's support! It was great hearing over and over that we had helped to fill those holes in people's collections, and that we had the best selection of current back issues at the entire show. Other big thanks go out to Erik Ko of UDON Studios who along with Alvin Lee who were nice enough to supply and sign some Street Fighter issues for our customers back in Ottawa.  We can't wait to be back there in February, we hope to see you all again then!


Septmeber 21,2003

Well we were back in Montreal for the first time since last spring and there were fast and furious sales early on in the day, which led to our best show there ever! Sales of note included full runs of Runaways, Fables & Sentinel, with healthy runs of JSA, JLA, Daredevil, Ultimate X-Men, Punisher, Transformers, and Ultimate Spiderman as well. Multiple sales of note included Y the Last Man #1, Teen Titans #1 (Turner cover), Outsiders #1, Batman 608, Superman Birthright #1  and 1602 #1. We also had some smaller sales on Green Arrow, Robin, Avengers, Authority, Necrowar, Aspen, BEAR, Mystique Catwoman, Supreme Power and CSI. Thank you again to all of our friends in Quebec who helped make it a really fun day! 


August 25, 2003

Once again the largest Comic book convention in Canada has come and gone, and with it ALOT of our inventory ! Big sales to start things off on Friday with marquee and wall book issues such as Authority #1, Y the Last Man #1, Teen Titans #1, Batman 608 & 612 2nd prints, 100 Bullets #1, Fables #1, Powers #1, H.E.R.O. #1 and Sojourn #1 purchased by one customer alone! We also had deep sales the first day on runs of Deadpool, G.I. Joe, Captain Marvel, Flash, Birds of Prey, Tarot and Ultimate Spiderman and Powers with Brian Bendis signing the first night. Saturday saw more back issue sales from the back issue bins, with significant sales on runs of Superman (since Ed McGuinness was on hand signing), Y the Last Man, Batman, JSA, Uncanny X-Men, Wonder Woman, Runaways and once again Deadpool & G.I. Joe. The #1 selling book for us through Saturday and Sunday though was Trinity #1, an easy sell at $18-$20 apiece. Sunday also saw some deep run sales of Spawn, Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spiderman, Wolverine and Rising Stars.  It was great to see a variety of sales on numerous titles, and the areas of sales really switched from wall books on Friday to straight back issues on Saturday & Sunday. A BIG thanks to all the people who came by to visit and purchased from us, making it yet another summer show to remember!


June  22, 2003

A really good turnout at the Nepean Sportsplex helped us have a good show this weekend. Thanks to all of our customers, who helped my poor wife go through her first show alone successfully! Purchases included healthy runs of Battle of the Planets (Gold Key Issues), Masters of the Universe (current series), Daredevil (also current series) and Peter Parker Spiderman. Other sales of note were issues of HULK, X-Treme X-men, Ultimate Spiderman and Wolverine.  Once again a special thanks to all of our customers, and we'll see you again in September!


March 23, 2003

With a slow start that scared off many dealers early, the show at the Ottawa Civic Centre this weekend turned out to be a really great show! We put some new books into our $1 Clearance bins and BAM we sold an entire long box of books by show end ! Top back issue sellers were Fables, Daredevil, HULK, Y The Last Man, Batman 608A and 608B, Transformers, Ultimate X-Men, all Spiderman books (Ultimate, Amazing, and Peter Parker as well as the Black Cat, BLUE and Spider Clan miniseries), Young Justice, Witchblade, Tomb Raider, Elektra, Exiles and X-Statix. We also had individual sales on Hawkman, H.E.R.O., Queen & Country, Aquaman, Wolverine, Sandscape, Micronauts, JLA and Green Lantern. Thanks to all of our customers for the tremendous support! 


March 9, 2003

Another excellent show in Montreal this weekend, with a decent attendance and a large number of sales on a wide variety of titles. Top sellers were Daredevil, Avengers, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, HULK, Y the Last Man, Cla$$war, Batman 608, Transformers, Monster Club, Ultimate X-Men, all 3 Spiderman books (Ultimate, Amazing, and Peter Parker), C.S.I., JLA, JSA, Wonder Woman and Lucifer (HOLY assorted titles!). Thanks to all our customers for the support, hope to see you again in two weeks for the Ottawa Civic Centre show! 


November 24, 2002

Another good show at the Nepean Sportsplex this week, with a quieter attendance but some decent sales nonetheless. Top sellers were Thirty Days of Night, Y the Last Man, Cla$$war, Batman 608, and smaller sales on Avengers, all 3 Spiderman books, HULK, and a vintage Battle of the Planets Whitman sealed 3 pack from the late 70's (AWESOME ITEM!). Thanks to all our customers for the support, see you again next month! 


October 27, 2002

Just when you think the Ottawa Civic Centre show cannot get any better, they surprise you again, with a great turnout and plenty of shoppers filling the gaps in their wantlists. Up front I want to thank all of our customers for making this the best Civic Centre show for us in over 6 years! Sales were hot and heavy on many current back issues, with noteable sales across the board on various books. Sales of note were Ultimate Titles (X-men and Spidey), Battle of the Planets, Transformers, HULK, Tarot, Fables, Witchblade, Warlands, Daredevil, and the Hottest book of the show, was Batman #608 the 1st Jim Lee issue, which was selling at $5 a book on the week of release without any complaints. this book's gonna be a barn-burner! We look forward to seeing you all again soon, hopefully on the 24th of November at the Nepean Sportsplex!



October 6, 2002

Well even with a smaller turnout than expected for our first fall show in Montreal, sales were still very good, and a BIG thanks to those who did attend and picked up books from us! Noteable sales were X-Men (Uncanny, X-Men and Ultimate), Spiderman (Amazing, since inker Scott Hanna was in attendance!, as well as Ultimate), Wolverine (and Origin issues), Warlands , Call of Duty, Spiderman Blue (and it's companion Daredevil Yellow), HULK, Fables #1, and those retro faves Transformers, Battle of the Planets and G.I. Joe. Once again a heartfelt thanks to our loyal customers (you know who you are) and any new people we were happy to help out today! Make sure to contact us for any wish list wants, or better yet come by and see us at the Ottawa Civic Centre on Sunday October 27th!


August 27, 2002

WOW! As usual, the Canadian National Comic Book Expo outdid itself and once again proved to us why it's the biggest show of the year (in Canada anyways). The great thing about this show is not only the # of attendees (which seems to grow every year), the # of sales we see (which seems to grow every year), but the actual diversity of sales we see at this show year after year. Case in point, SPAWN saw the biggest # of back issue sales for us this year (YES I said SPAWN!),  which I just can't seem to figure out but hey that's part of the fun! Other noteable sales included ALL of the Spiderman titles (from Amazing to Peter Parker to Ultimate), X-Men (from Uncanny to X-Men to Ultimate), followed closely by Daredevil, Deadpool , Hulk, Wolverine, 100 Bullets, Powers, Thunderbolts and Exiles. We even saw good sales on other titles (like Spawn) which haven't seen movement in awhile (Darkness, Gen 13, Battle Chasers and Fathom). A BIG thanks goes out to all of the people who stopped by our booth, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!



July 21, 2002

Well, with the nice weather and the lower # of dealers we didn't know what to expect, but even with fewer than usual customers, we had one of our best shows ever at the Nepean Sportsplex this weekend. Big sales were on Amazing and Ultimate Spiderman titles, Daredevil (the movie hype is starting), Witchblade, G.I. Joe, Transformers, followed by X-men and Ultimate X-men titles, Wolverine, Battle of the Planets, Stormwatch, JLA the Nail, and Young Justice. We want to thank all of the customers who turned out and supported us, hopefully we see some of you at our next appearance on August 11th at the Nepean Sportsplex, and again in Toronto August 23rd-25th at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo


July 14, 2002

Well another Montreal show is in the books, and I think the short notice about the show hurt the  attendance a little bit, but that didn't mean the people who showed up weren't looking for their books! Top sales included Incredible Hulk #34,  Straczynski Amazing Spiderman's 30-up, as well as his Rising Stars and Midnight Nation issues. Deadpool, JSA, Authority, Spawn, Transformers, G.I. Joe and making a HUGE resurgence, The Authority and any of it's related Stormwatch issues saw decent sales. An original Mike Deodato Elektra/Bullseye comic page also sold to a lucky buyer. We want to thank all of the customers who turned out and supported us again this time in Montreal, hopefully we see some of you in Toronto August 23rd-25th at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo


May 26, 2002

Man oh man what a great show had by all this Sunday! People turned out in droves to check out all of the new and old dealers at the semi-annual Ottawa Civic Centre show this past weekend. I want to thank all of those in advance who came by to see us, and especially those who purchased product from us, it was our most succesful show at that facility ever! Most of the visitors were really excited about the original art display we brought with us including original artwork by Jim Aparo, Neal Adams, Barry Kitson and George Perez. We ended up selling a few pieces, including a nice Joe Bennett Nova/Venom page, and an Alex Ross Battle of the Planets Lithograph. On the comic book front, Spidey led the way again with huge sales on Amazing Spiderman, followed by Ultimate Spiderman and Tangled Web. Other noteable back issue sales were on runs of JSA, Transformers, Authority, Wolverine, Uncanny X-men, Grant Morrison's New X-Men, Daredevil, and Vampirella. Once again, thanks to everyone for a truly unforgettable show! 


April 28, 2002

Had fun at the Nepean Sportsplex this weekend, a new room, but the spending was heavy with it being the last Plex show before the Big Show on May 26th at the Civic Centre. Books that led the way were Whitman/Gold Key Battle of the Planets,( which between the customers and other dealers, they cleaned us out completely!), Amazing Spiderman (BOTH titles), G.I. Joe, the Ultimate Books, and the new Transformers from Dreamwave were all hot sellers!   We also stocked up on some new stock for the show on the 26th, so we hope to see you there, and we should have a great turnout of new dealers, and as usual, the show will have FREE admission!


April 19, 2002

Well another couple of local Ottawa shows as well as one busy Montreal show are in the books, and they were even better than expected! Top sellers in Montreal were Sojourn, Authority, ALL Spidey Books, Origin, and JSA. The Ottawa shows saw an entire run of Batgirl, once again ANY Spidey books, Sojourn and Ruse from Crossgen, Battle Chasers, Avengers, JSA as well as Battle of the Planets fly from the bins. We're looking forward to the big show in May at the Ottawa Civic Centre for more of the same. For the local collectors, hope to see you there! 


March 12, 2002

Wow! It's been quite awhile since I've updated here, but with Christmas being so busy for those of us who work in retail, and some work confrences for me personally in January, it finally took us into March before we were able to do another show. And needless to say, I think we were missed! the Nepean Sportsplex show was a decent little success, with a couple of sales to note. The big book of the convention was once again, Ultimate Spiderman. Man that book just keeps on rollin' with the most issues sold, along with some back issues of the old Spidey titles as well. We also had a few sales on Sojourn, proving my pick from back around the third issue was a good one! We also had some good sales on JSA (another awesome sleeper book, currently another one of my favorites) as well as a good run of the current Avengers series, Ruse from Crossgen and as usual, those retro Battle of the Planets issues. We have finally a show in Montreal on the 18th which is a show I'm really looking forward to, we haven't been there in almost 8 months. For those who live in Montreal hope to see you there and I'll give you a further sales update then!


October 28, 2001

Well, another show in the books, and there were quite a few big sales, but with no consistent titles selling at this one, RETRO would have to be declared the biggest HIT! We had huge sales on Battle of the Planets (which I'm sure is linked with interest on the new DVD's released this month, as well as the Alex Ross series due out shortly from Top Cow). We also moved a 60+ issue run of Transformers as the 80's mania continued! As far as the recent back issues go, Rising Stars made a tiny comeback with quite a few back issues moving today. Other notable sales were on the Spidey Titles (the regular ongoing and Ultimate) as well as Batgirl, Nightwing, the Heroes one shot from Marvel,  and those persistent X-Men books (Uncanny and Ultimate). I'm thinking it will be quiet for us in the next little while as we don't have any MAJOR shows until the new year, but we will be at the Nepean Sportsplex at least once or twice before Christmas, hope to see you there!

October 1, 2001

Back from the Montreal show, and even with a quieter than usual attendance, the books kept a sellin'. Number one book would have to be the sold out Wolverine Origin #1, a hot seller at $25 Canadian and frequently asked about. Sojourn (see my Recommended Reading Pick for more info) was also a brisk seller, with issue #1 selling from $10-12 Canadian an issue. Spidey books followed at a close third, with the Straczynski issues (#30-34) moving well, and back issues of the new Spidey book were moving with newer readers trying to catch up on recent events. Ultimate books were also still in high demand, mostly the X-Men issues since they are still a little cheaper than their Spidey counterparts. Daredevil Yellow is picking up steam, and we had strong sales once again on Deadpool, Birds of Prey, and Thunderbolts back issues. Looking forward to the big show in Ottawa on September 28th, hope to see you there!

September 1, 2001

Well we just got back from the Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2001, and needless to say, this show outdoes itself year after year! More people, more guests, and definitely more sales made for a truly great event! Sales were brisk on books like The Authority, Avengers, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Deadpool, Just a Pilgrim, Nightwing, 100 Bullets, Powers, Planetary, JSA,  any Spidey books, and (as expected) all of the Marvel Ultimate Titles. It was fun chatting it up with Mike Turner, Ian Churchill, David Finch and seeing William Shatner in person was pretty cool too! Thanks go out to all of our customers this year, and we look forward to Toronto in the new year, and Montreal at the end of this month!

August 2001  


Well, this site for starters! After 3 years of  badly designed, poorly maintained sites we have finally joined the upgraded computer world and have set forth with the best intentions of keeping an updated and informative site. We not only want to make a site that will store our sale inventory for you to browse through, but a site to keep you updated on our activities as well as our likes/dislikes of the current comic book collecting environment. Seeing as we do shows in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal on a pretty regular basis, we feel we try to have the best interests of the collectors at heart, as we have networked a decent group of  dealers and collectors to help provide you with the books you need to fill those want lists. Please feel free to check the other areas of the site, including our current inventory and our recommended reading section. As always, if you have any likes/dislikes or you are looking for a particular book that is not currently listed, e-mail us at mythslegendsandheroes@rogers.com and let us know!



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Rob Zedic

Ottawa, Canada