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You won't go wrong with my picks. Excellent writing and decent artwork are always a necessity on any book I read. Well, Here we go :

Walking Dead - Image Comics

At the time, the idea of a zombie comic book seemed to me like a foreign concept, with Deadworld being the last book I can remember even remotely touching upon the subject matter, and that was over 15 years ago. So when Image previewed a little book called the Walking Dead I I saw the preview artwork and I thought this book just looks too good to pass up. And you know...I was right! Robert Kirkman, who was then a relative unknown doing books like Battle Pope and Brit was stepping out into new territory with this book and another Image title (now critically acclaimed) called Invincible. Tony Moore, who had worked on Brit with Kirkman was another unknown to me, but his artwork seemed to have a higher quality than a lot of Image glut I had seen in the past couple of years so I gave the book a shot. What I found was this book was more than just a gorefest that most zombie material is, it had a human element and drama that reminded me a little of Dawn of the Dead and had an opening reminiscent of 28 Days Later (which Kirkman can still not live down to this day, even though his book was written and conceived well before that film opened in theatres). This book is like a human soap opera dropped into a zombie horror movie, and I mean that in the best possible way. Kirkman really makes you care about the cast of characters and their relationships, especially with a possible element of danger around every corner. What makes it even more addictive is that Kirkman is big on the "cliffhanger ending", which just keeps you begging for that next installment. This best way I can describe this book is it has "real" characters in a truly "unreal" situation.  HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!

DMZ - DC Comics (Vertigo)

What happens when the U.S. is in a state of modern Civil War? What happens when you're a photographer accompanying a journalist into the war zone to get the true story behind the resistance? What happens when that journalist bites the bullet and the only way out for you disappears and you're trapped behind "enemy lines"? That's the premise behind DMZ, a gritty, thought provoking and beautiful book from the magnificent Vertigo line from DC Comics. Matty Roth, a photojournalist has his life changed forever when the reporter he's assigned to do photo work for on assignment is killed upon their landing in the middle of the conflict zone (the DMZ). He now finds himself thrust into the role of an actual journalist, living amongst and learning about the rebel forces, their situation, their lives and quite possibly the truth behind the entire conflict that the government has hidden from all of them. Brilliant storytelling from Brian Wood and amazing artwork from Riccardo  Burchielli bring this modern day war story to life and clarity, showing the good and the truly disturbing side of humanity.  


Fell - Image Comics

Written by Warren Ellis (Authority, Planetary, Ultimate Fantastic Four) and drawn by Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), this book from Image Comics follows seasoned detective Richard Fell as a recent addition to a town called Snowtown's police force. After only 2 cases Fell and the reader can determine that Snowtown is not your average sleepy little town, and it contains many dark mysteries and deep secrets. For people who love Ellis this book is a must have, but for fans of shows like the X-Files and Law and Order SVU I would recommend you check out this book. Like his Wildstorm book Desolation Jones, Ellis crafts the best detective stories with situations a little outrageous and the characters always compelling. Highly Recommended!